Rice Protein Powder

4oz, 8oz, 1lb, 2lb & 4lb resealable bags.

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Rice protein powder has many benefits for health and fitness, and provides a convenient source of protein for vegetarians and others who follow restricted diets. Rice Protein is also allergen-friendly and makes also make a great choice for individuals with dairy, soy &/or gluten allergies. Rice protein also contains all of the essential amino acids -- amino acids that cannot be synthesized within the human body and which need to be supplied by the diet. 


Brown Rice Protein powder from Nutrition Bulk is a very fine powder and mixes well in liquid. Our protein is extracted using a hexane-free process.


Works great in a smoothie, on yogurt or as an ingredient in supplements, baking, cooking and nutritional bars.


24 grams of protein per serving! Blend 50/50 with CAP Nutra's Pea Protein for a power-packed protein smoothie!


• All-Natural • Gluten-Free • Non-GMO • Vegan •